• Hand crafted bead work made from paper
  • Hand crafted bead work made from paper
  • tredal sewing machines do not need electricity
  • catering meals for events


To be a role model in the community transformation of the socio- economic livelihood of women and families.


To empower women to be self-reliant, healthy and productive for socio-economic development.

Ministry Objectives for the women;
  1. To equip Women through capacity building in self - help and income generating skills or projects.
  2. To promote the culture of financial saving and business record keeping among Women for prosperity.
  3. To improve and promote health, sanitation and environment conservation programs to improve the standard of living among Women and all people at large.
  4. To teach Women and Children to have a personal relationship with God.
  5. To promote formal and Vocational education among vulnerable families.
  6. To promote food security, good nutrition and to campaign against environmental degradation and abuse.
  7. CMI also aims to respond to the challenges of those young girls who drop out school unwillingly due to lack of school fees, forced into early marriages and other challenges.
  8. To provide a routine HIV/AIDS free testing, general counseling and guidance for maternity issues, health issues, Children rehabilitation, rights and moral rehabilitation with the help of professional medical practitioners and family life activists.

Conquerors Ministries International - Uganda works to empower women spiritually, socially and economically because women are fundamental and significant in bringing families, communities and nations together in the socio- economic development. It has been proved that today Women in Uganda, bear the brunt of bringing up children and ensuring that they go school. These Women need to be equipped with sustainable skills that can help them earn a daily income in order to meet the daily needs of their families.

CMI-Uganda came up with a program of equipping Women with self-sustainable skills. Our trainings include; Tailoring and fashion designing; learning how to make dress making, uniform making, sweater making, overall making, pillow case making, bed sheets making, Craft making; learning how to make hand bags, necklaces, craft shoes among others.

Other services carried out at the center include: HIV/AIDS free testing, general counseling and guidance, also child rehabilitation trainings.
NB: The ministry also aims to introduce other trainings which include;

  1. Adult Education to help mature people know how to read and write.
  2. Soap making; learning how to make liquid and bar soap
  3. Confectionery; learning how to make bread, cakes, snacks among others.
  4. Hairdressing and beauty.
Through training and helping these women with tailoring skills, catering services, hand craft skills, and more others, they shall acquire knowledge and skills to startup businesses that can sustain their homes, educate their children and help to fight poverty amongst families.

Current Challenges / needs

  • Looking out for partners to team with us in helping the rural women in Uganda.
  • We still lack adequate capital to boost the women project activities.
  • More sewing machines are needed. It is our desire to bless every woman with a new sewing machine after the training to take home with them and start a small sewing business to support them for a continuous self-sustainability.
  • For catering service business, the women lack essential facilities like tents, plastic chairs, tables, a lineup of different utensils, and a service van for the transportation of their materials when hired to go out for business.
  • Need to widen the market for the women African handmade crafts.
Supporting their families