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Conquerors Ministries International (CMI) - Uganda is a Christ Centered compassionate Ministry that brings hope, love and encouragement to the orphans, needy, underprivileged women, oppressed and other vulnerable people in Uganda rural areas through the unconditional love and grace of our lord Jesus Christ.
CMI - Uganda is a registered indigenous Christian ministry in Uganda as a Non-Profit Christian Organization (NGO). Pastor Frank & Susan Tibagendeka are the Founders & Executive Directors of the ministry (CMI) along with the Board members. Pastor Frank and Susan are the lead Pastors of Conquerors Christian Life Church.
The ministry headquarters are located at Bugadde "B" Kityerera, Mayuge District in South Eastern Uganda at the shores of Lake Victoria. Mayuge District is a district in Eastern Uganda (East Africa). Like many other Ugandan districts, it is named after its 'chief town', Mayuge, where the district headquarters are located. The coordinates of the district are: 00 20N, 33 30E

A large proportion of the district surface area is open water of Lake Victoria. It is estimated that this represents 77% of the total surface area in the district. Another 10% of the district is a protected national forest reserve .The district has many Islands which are currently occupied by permanent and migratory fishermen. These include the Islands of Sagitu, Jaguzi, Buvuma, Kaaza, Namiti, Dolwe and Simu among others. The Islands are all accessible by motor boat or canoe.

The population of Mayuge District by 2012 was approximately 461,200, women being 52%. By 2015 there were121 districts in Uganda, Kampala is the capital city of Uganda.
The ministry activities are based through a holistic approach focusing on;

  • Spiritual part through church activities (Church planting and evangelism).
  • Health approach services (Medical clinic, Medical outreaches and community health sensitization.
  • Educational Approach Primary schools, High schools, Vocational skills.
  • Women empowerment: supporting and empowering women through hand craft skills and catering services for self-sustainability in their local communities.
  • Farming and agriculture: For food security and income generation.
  • Helping rural communities to access water wells for clean and safe drinking water.
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Mission: To Build a Healing Ministry for people who are hurting; Spiritually, Physically, Socially and Economically in order to fulfill God's purpose intended for man.

Ministry objectives

  • To preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout our Nation Uganda and other Nations in accordance with command in Mark 16:15, Matt 28:18-20. Africa still needs Jesus as many are walking in darkness.
  • To plant and establish churches country wide and to encourage evangelistic meetings like Gospel Crusades, Door to Door outreaches, National and International Seminars and Conferences, Over Night Prayers and Workshops, T.V and Radio Sound Broadcast, Cinematography and Films, Evangelistic Pamphlets, Christian Magazines and any other means which can convey the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Our Mission
  • To establish Christian schools that can cater for orphans and needy children in our region caused by HIV/Aids, civil wars and other epidemics.
  • To establish medical clinics and medical outreaches to take care of the already affected children and sick people in the region.
  • To work together with persons / organizations with like minds and intentions without discrimination based on race, tribe, sex, language or profession.
  • To design programmes and develop income generating projects which promote social, economic and physical aspects aimed at uplifting the standard of life in the rural and semi urban communities such as Schools, Medical Health Centers, Animals & Poultry Keeping, and Securing Water Resources such as bore holes, small Loaned projects, Secretarial computer services among others.
  • To support the needy, Orphans and Vulnerable Children in areas like, food, cloths, shelter, education and counseling.
  • To train, support and encourage the youths in developmental programs and to protect the youth against AIDS/HIV through Aids Awareness, Educational Programmes and Support and also to care for the people already living with AIDS/HIV.
  • To improve and promote health among Widows, Elderly and other disadvantaged groups in the Community.
  • To receive and host National and International Visitors / Friends, Partners with divine welcome making them feel at home while visiting the ministry and touring them to places of interest of their own choice.
  • To apply and accept grants, support, donations, gifts from any International body, NGOs, Public Organizations, Companies, and Corporations or from any persons with a view of promoting the objectives of the Ministry.

You can partner with our ministry in any way possible - through prayer, financial support, share our website with your friends, become a volunteer, or lead a mission trip to Uganda to help with our ministry activities.
We highly value you for having read through to the end, may God bless you.