Access to safe and clean water still a big challenge in Uganda.

Research reveals that, one of the biggest challenges across Africa is, access to clean and safe water. Water is an essential basic need that must be available in order for human beings to survive the next day. Africa has a serious water crisis, despite the continent boasting of having numerous natural water sources such as lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, springs, rainwater, aquifers, and ocean waters. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 40% of Africa's Sub-Saharan population still lacks access to safe water.

Lack of access to clean and safe water has frustrated poverty reduction efforts and hindered economic prosperity. For instance, Sub-Saharan Africa loses 5% of its GDP per year as a result of water-related challenges.

Sadly, Africa's water problems have continued to compound and the continent now faces a serious problem. A majority of the population finds it difficult to access clean and fresh water for drinking and running other daily household chores. Experts have pointed out that most people in Africa rely on surface water, yet the continent lacks the financial capability and technology to invest in groundwater harnessing such as the digging of wells. The rising population and strain on the available water resources has contributed to an acute water scarcity, which has triggered both social and economic implications.

Since water in Africa is a core ingredient for sustainable development, its availability is key to facilitate human survival, socioeconomic development, and healthy ecosystems. If there is sufficient water for communities, diseases shall be contained and populations will become more productive. Most of the suffering witnessed by African populations is mainly associated with water scarcity which directly affects human health, causes hunger and starvation, as well as influences security because of water-related conflicts.

In addition, sanitation is a serious challenge that faces the continent because many people, especially those living in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods, lack dedicated sewage systems, which causes them to live in unsanitary conditions threatening the spread of diseases.

Uganda as one of African countries, we have a challenge of access to clean and safe water in our community in the south Eastern Uganda. And look what will happen when no good and clean water!

  • Mothers: They can't drink, cook, wash clothes or bathe their children.
  • Children: They contract diarrhea and cholera, two waterborne diseases that are one of the leading causes of death for children under 5 years.
  • Women and Girls: They risk being attacked on their way to retrieving water for basic needs that's up to 10 miles away to the swamp ponds and lake shores.
  • Farmers: They contract waterborne diseases from drinking contaminated water and suffer failed crops from no irrigation. Farmers who can't earn a living wage are unable to feed or shelter their families as the main economic activity is farming.

Conquerors Ministries International - Uganda looks forward for any opportunities for the need of five water wells needed for different locations in the region of South Eastern Uganda. Standard long lasting water well may cost between $4500 and $6500 and this depends on how deep the water table is. The work is always done by hired heavy duty trucks and machinery and it takes 2-3 weeks to be complete.

Our primary school is one of the five desperate locations in our region that lack water well. Kids walk miles from school just to fetch water from the lake shores. They take risks of being grabbed by the alligators that take cover besides lake shores and wait for their prey.

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