Frank and Susan Tibagendeka

My name is Frank Tibagendeka, aged 41, a social worker and Administrator by profession and a pastor by calling. I attained my bachelor's degree in 2006, in Social Work and Social Administration at Kampala International University - Uganda. I was ordained as a pastor through the Holy Spirit training and through experience in church ministry and leadership studies.

I am married with Susan Tibagendeka for 11 years now together and God has blessed us with 3 biological daughters and one son; Christiana aged 10, Charity aged 6 and Chloe 4 years and the youngest boy Calvin is making 2 years. We also have several adopted needy and orphaned children under our care in both schools and in church and some living with us at home. Susan has a bachelor's degree in high school education and she acquired her education from Makerere University - Kampala in Uganda.

We both developed a compassionate heart for needy and orphaned children simply because we both share the same experience having grown in a humble background in the country side where life was very difficult while we were growing up. Personally I (Frank) used to smear the floor of the classrooms (3 classrooms block) with cow dung, soil mixed up with water to make kind of a paste to be spread on the class rooms floor which was dirt in my high school level. Running the spread of cow dung paste would help get rid of dust in classrooms but would only last for a week, so I had to do this for every weekend for two consecutive years in my high school time. I was just helped by compassionate people there after to continue with my education.

crusadeThe reason why Conquerors Ministries International (CMI) is based deep in the rural area (country side) of South Eastern Uganda is because most missionaries were working more in urban areas leaving out rural areas neglected yet with challenges like:

  • Poor Infrastructure such as roads with poor transport means
  • Ignorance and Disease
  • No electricity
  • High level of illiteracy
  • Poor standards of living
  • Insufficient communication means
  • Inadequate medical facilities
  • Unsafe water for drinking
  • Our rural areas were much more Islamized hence the need to preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • We therefore, call upon you to partner and work with our ministry to bring more love, hope and a long lasting transformation in the poor communities of Uganda and beyond.