Conquerors Ministries International for the time runs two schools thus a primary school and a high school

The name of the primary school is called Living hope nursery and primary school located at Mairinya village, Bukabooli Sub county in Mayuge District.

SCHOOL MOTTO:     With God all things are possible

SCHOOL MISSION:  Caring for orphans, needy and marginalized children as offer holistic education for academic, social, economic and spiritual Excellency fit for global competition.

SCHOOL VISION:  To produce a Godly transformed elite generation.

Education is one of the major challenges faced by the rural villages in Uganda and yet it is education which is the most effective way to empower the rural poor to get out of poverty and to ensure that the Millennium Development Goals are met in sub-Saharan Africa.

Living Hope Nursery and Primary School is put in place to address the challenge of illiteracy in village communities targeting the very poor and needy orphaned children. This challenge manifested mainly due to catastrophes like HIV/Aids which has claimed many people's lives leaving behind their children with no hope, civil wars, as well as poor economic activities where parents cannot afford to save anything like tuition fee to take their children to school.

The primary school caters more to the needy and orphaned children with free education as well as availing them with the basic needs such as food, cloths, shoes, scholastic materials, school uniform and shelter among others.

The current number of children in school is 300 yet very many still out in need of help.

School objectives:
 “To empower and support orphans and vulnerable children with quality education, discipline, practical skills for self-reliance”.
·         “To contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development through support to education and health initiatives, community empowerment and promotion of good cultural values and practices.”
·         “To build the children's self-esteem and give them life skills for a better living.”.
·         To contribute to health standards for children and youth. This is done through our medical health clinic also located at the ministry base and through medical outreaches and community sensitization.
·         To modernize rural mind set into urban mind set though empowering the young generation with proper education.
·         To establish a firm Christian foundation for the less privileged, the vulnerable, the needy by lifting God among the young/ youth and through ministering the love and care to all so that He may draw all to Himself..
·         Reducing the impact of illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda.
·         To enable pupils develop personal skills for problem solving in all aspects of life.
·         Instilling and promoting national and international unity and an understanding of social and civic responsibilities. Education is a key factor to national International development.
Current challenges and needs of the primary school::

  • Sponsor a primary kid for $20 per month or $240 for a year.
  • You can donate a bicycle and bless a teacher for $120
  • Computers are much needed as we are in era
  • There is need for a school permanent building to cater for 5 classrooms, 4 offices and dining hall for the kids to eat from.( cost when well-furnished - $35,000).
  • Need for a teachers quarter building with apartments to house in 12 teachers (cost - $30,000)
  • 2 crest plastic big tanks for harvesting rain water from building roofs ($1,500)
  • Solar installation at primary school as there is no electricity ($5000)
  • 100 classroom desks needed for the 300 primary school kids as they share 3 kids per desk. ($2,000)
  • More text books needed as we have very few teaching books
  • Need to build separate dormitories for boys and girls at school (each dormitory building costs $25,000).
  • A big need for water well / bore hole for safe and clean drinking water for the kids at school and community ($6000).
  • Soccer balls, dolls, pencils, pens, books etc. are much needed.

You can partner with our ministry in any way possible - through prayer, financial support, share our website with your friends, become a volunteer, or lead a mission trip to Uganda to help with our ministry activities.

We highly value you for having read through to the end, may God bless you.