Farming / Live Stock for Sustainability

It is our objective as a ministry to multiply donor funds. Rather than propping up programs with a direct-aid approach, we're working to empower our local stake holders through the development of small business enterprises. We grow different crops like; maize, beans, passion fruits, sweet potatoes, water melon, tomatoes, onions, green paper, cassava, banana (matooke) etc. We also rear pigs and rear chicken.

CMI-Uganda also came up with a program of equipping Women with self-sustainable skills. Our trainings include; Tailoring and fashion designing; learning how to make dresses, uniform making, sweater making, overall making, pillow case making, bed sheets making, Craft making; learning how to make hand bags, necklaces, craft shoes among others.

Challenges / future prospectus

  • We are operating on a small scale and we need to acquire more land for large scale farming and rearing of animals and birds. The land of 50 acres can be purchased at $15,000 and we are seeking a support of this cause.
  • To date, we are using hands with manual hoes which limit us to only small scale farming. Therefore, a tractor is much more needed to boost our farming programs and it can be acquired at a cost of $35,000.
  • A heavy duty tipping truck which if acquired will save us a lot of money that we always spend when hiring such trucks to help in the construction work at site. This truck will be a source of income to the ministry as it will always be hired for outside jobs. The cost for this truck is approximately $30,000.
  • Great need to get in touch with agricultural experts who can visit our ministry site for agriculture trainings and advise.


You can partner with our ministry in any way possible - through prayer, financial support, share our website with your friends, become a volunteer, or lead a mission trip to Uganda to help with our ministry activities.

We highly value you for having read through to the end, may God bless you.