Conquerors Ministries International - Uganda

Poverty is common in many African countries and millions of children are at risk of hunger, HIV, AIDS, malnutrition, malaria and other preventable diseases.

Conquerors Ministries International - Uganda serves in rural Uganda to help confront and alleviate the above challenges.

Conquerors Ministries International - Uganda leadership desires that God's created image shall be reflected as we stand together to further the gospel and bring many to salvation by the grace and unconditional love of Jesus Christ and his loving arms to those who do not know him yet, the lost and fallen, may all be brought back to Him just as He commissioned "---go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15.

Together we can bring healing to the nations: by reaching out to the unreached with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and feeding the hungry, clothing the unclothed, giving water to the thirsty bringing hope to the hopeless, providing a home to the homeless (orphans and needy) and supporting the widows and single mothers. (Matthew 25:35-45)


For our Lord beckons, "who shall I send?" Both you and we can be sent. And by teaming up, putting our resources together, so much will be realized in so many ways. Moreover, because of your seeds sown, many souls are being ministered to with the love of Jesus in this hurting world.

Your donation will make a lifelong impact in a child's life. Would you consider donating to help the suffering children in our ministry? Click the "Donate" button below for quick donation. Thank you and God bless as you donate to CMI-Uganda to help the rural children in Africa.